About DataWare

DataWare is a young and lean organization with specific goal of helping our customers solve day-to-day problems at minimal cost. The main problem Brands, Online Retailers, Agreegators face around the globe is time to market their products to relevant marketing channels and improve ROI.

We have developed DataWare, a cloud-based platform, to help our customers acheive maximum results from minimal efforts and costs. Everyone in our team works everyday with one specific goal: Help our customers manage, optimize and market their products/services to relevant market channels around the globe.

With DataWare you can import data from multiple channels, manage and optimize the data with lots of add-ons and export the data to hundreds of marketing channels (e.g. Amazon, Shopping.com or Google) around the globe.

The improvement in data quality, processing speed and time to market, results in higher ROI, more sales and in turn revenue boost.

DataWare platform is built by experienced and highly motivated Team, and backed by modern Technology, to deliver results that make our customers succeed.

We Work for Your Profit

DataWare Team is working day-in and day-out to make sure our customers earn more Profits, with minimal investment. We are contineously working hard to acheive the best for our customers, starting from adding more Import channels, improving data quality checks, adding more Export channels and low time to market.


Meet Our Executive Team

team member
Atin Kapoor

Head of Growth

team member
Parvinder Singh

Head of Technical Quality

team member
Manoj Subberwal

Head of Data Processing

team member
Kamal Bohara

Head of Platform

Excellent Support

We are always there for our customers, we do understand their business depends upon DataWare. Our support team provides personalized support to suit every customer need, every single time.

Awesome Team

We can proudly say: We love what we do! Our team works tirelessly on cutting edge technology to develop a platform which can help our customers excel in selling/marketing their products and services.

Faster Performance

From the very beginning, performance is our motto and guiding force. We always believed in minimizing the time to market and improving data quality, with minimal time and efforts of our customers.