The DataWare Platform

Data Feed Management, Optimization and Marketing Platform

The DataWare platform is a cloud-based software developed to efficiently analyze, optimize and market your products and services data. High quality data results in higher ROI on multiple marketing and shopping channels, without any technical know-how.


Data Import

Import your Products or Services Data from various sources using Dataware plugins (supported platforms Magento, PrestaShop, Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon S3). Or you can also Import Files in various supported formats like CSV, XML, TXT, Google Spreadsheets. In addition to this, we create custom plugin for our customers.

Data can be collected, structured and standardized easily from various sources, sizes or formats. You have option to combine data from various sources as well.

Analyze and Optimize your Data Quality

Dataware has powerful and easy to use interface to analyze and optimize your data quality, to suit every marketing channel. Lots of add-ons, rules and features are provided that helps you do your work automatically, that would have otherwise taken hours or even days.

Automatic mapping, Transformators to create dynamic category, filters or description, Pricing logics, Dynamic conditions are some of the in-built add-ons available for anyone to use.


Working together in real time

DataWare works real-time to import and process your data, with easy to use interface to configure processing timings. We have in-built quality check and reporting feature to ensure you have full visibility.

Customers can configure Scheduling based on their choice, and after all the quality enhancements, you get comprehensive Reporting for proper visibility.

Send Optimized Data to Marketing Channels

Send your data to multiple marketing and shopping channels, affiliate websites and price comparison websites around the globe.

Speed up distribution to get your products or services to market in a fraction of the time. You do not have to worry about common hurdles to channel compliance and create optimized data feeds fast and error-free.


The Result of Our Work

Optimized data for each marketing channel improves ROI, Sales and in turn Revenue, with much less cost. DataWare helps you Save Time, Gain Control and Improve Performance. This is truly one platform for all your business metrics! Plus review your digital strategy and make considerate decisions.

  • Improves Efficiency and Date Quality
  • Centralizes Processes and Speeds up Time to Market
  • Improves Data Agility and Maximizes ROI
Better CTR
Less Cost
Improved ROI