Automate your Ecommerce Data!

The platform for automating your ecommerce product and services data. DataWare provides variety of solutions to manage, optimize and market your products data worldwide with minimal efforts and minimal time to market.
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Product content syndication
  • Feed management
  • Marketplace integration
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Reach Your Customers

DataWare helps you to connect with your potential customers and gives you full control on marketing channels.

Automate Your Efforts

Eliminate manual work by automating processes and centralize data management. No need to be dependent on technical team.

Improve Your Quality

Optimize your data quality, to suit every marketing channel by applying Smart Rules, Automatic mapping and Transformators.

Reduce Time to Market

Lots of add-ons, rules and features are provided to market your products around the globe in minimal time.

Work Real Time

DataWare works real-time to import and process your data with in-built quality checks and reporting features.

Maximize your Revenue

Optimized data for each marketing channel improves ROI, Sales and in turn Revenue, with much less cost. .

Import Data from Various Sources

Import Data from various sources using Dataware plugins or Files in various supported formats. Data can be collected, structured and standardized easily from various sources, sizes or formats.


Improve and Optimize Data Quality

Map data attributes to create structured master feed and analyze according to each marketing channel. Optimize your data quality, to suit every marketing channel by applying Smart Rules.


Tracking, Analytics and ROI Rules

Tracking is integrated which provides marketing analytics data so that you can perform strategic actions based on product performance. ROI Rules can be applied to remove worst performing products.


Integrated Multiple Marketing Channels

Speed up distribution to get your products or services to multiple marketing channels in a fraction of the time. You do not have to worry about common hurdles to channel compliance and create optimized data feeds fast and error-free.


Customers trust us

We were very much impressed by the speed, performance and data quality of DataWare. The platform is easy to use and the customer support is great. With DataWare we were able to achieve high ROI and reduce time to market considerably.

Arne Stock
COO - Einrichten & Wohnen AG